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30th August 2019

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): further information on the known increased risk of breast cancer with HRT and its persistence after stopping.

Prescribers to follow the information in the above link and also access the resources - Click here to support prescribing decisions.

30th July 2019 

Class 2 drug Alert: Aripiprazole 1mg /mL oral solution

25th July 2019 

Class 2 drug Alert: FMD alert

24th July 2019 

Class 2 drug Alert: Bisacodyl 5mg gastro resistant tablets

11th July 2019 

Class 4 drug Alert: Emerade 300 and 500 microgram solution for injection

8th July 2019 

Class 4 drug Alert: Phenobarbital sodium 30mg/ml injection 

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NOTE: Not all brands listed in the formulary may be available 

Prescribing should be done generically - unless there is a clinical/licensing requirement for a patient to be maintained on a specific brand/manufacturer


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T: 01422 224356 (CRH ext. 4356) 

For urgent queries please discuss with your ward pharmacist or the pharmacy dispensary

HRI - 01484 347123

CRH - 01422 224279


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