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Calderdale and Huddersfield
NHS Foundation Trust

The CHFT formulary is an agreed list of which medication can be prescribed and under which conditions, if applicable. 

For applications to the formulary the requests must be submitted to the medicines management committee before use. 

Email : for an application or further information

Representatives of the pharmaceutical may also contact the above email address


Features in the formulary include:

  • Searchable by medicine name / class / condition or BNF chapter/subsection
  • Hyperlinks to e-BNF, e-BNFc and to the electronic medicines compendium which holds Summaries of product Characteristics and patient information leaflets
  • First and Second choices shown where possible to assist cost-effective prescribing
  • Restricted medicines show approved indications and/or prescribers
  • Links to relevant local and national guidelines
  • Feedback section for users – send us your comments

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