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 Formulary Chapter 1: Gastro-intestinal system - Full Section



01.01 Dyspepsia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
01.01.01 Antacids and simeticone
Aluminium and magnesium containing antacids
Simeticine alone
01.01.02 Compound alginates and proprietary indigestion preparations
Compound alginate preparations
01.02 Antispasmodics and other drugs altering gut motility
Other antispasmodics
01.03 Antisecretory drugs and mucosal protectants
Helicobacter pylori infection
01.03.01 H2-receptor antagonists
01.03.02 Selective antimuscarinics
01.03.03 Chelates and complexes
01.03.04 Prostaglandin analogues
01.03.05 Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)
01.03.06 Other ulcer-healing drugs
01.04 Acute diarrhoea
01.04.01 Adsorbents and bulk-forming drugs
01.04.02 Antimotility drugs
01.04.03 Enkephalinase Inhibitors
01.05 Chronic bowel disorders
01.05.01 Aminosalicylates
01.05.02 Corticosteroids
01.05.03 Drugs affecting the immune response
Cytokine inhibitors : Treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s diseaseTwo biosimilar versions of
01.05.04 Food allergy
01.06 Laxatives
01.06.01 Bulk-forming laxatives
01.06.02 Stimulant laxatives
01.06.03 Faecal softeners
01.06.04 Osmotic laxatives
01.06.05 Bowel cleansing preparations
01.06.06 Peripheral opioid-receptor antagonist
01.06.07 Other drugs used in constipation
01.06.08 Other preparations for bowel obstruction
01.07 Local preparations for anal and rectal disorders
01.07.01 Soothing haemorrhoidal preparations
01.07.02 Compound haemorrhoidal preparations with corticosteroids
01.07.03 Rectal sclerosants
01.07.04 Management of anal fissures
01.08 Stoma care
01.09 Drugs affecting intestinal secretions
01.09.01 Drugs affecting biliary composition and flow
Other prepatations for biliary disorders
01.09.02 Bile acid sequestrants
01.09.03 Aprotinin
01.09.04 Pancreatin
01.10 New Sub Section
01.11 New Sub Section